Business Process Assurance

Business processes are key assets in many application areas from telcos to complex banking systems. We provide justified methods for the design of analysis of processes with a strong emphasis on design for resilience, security and compliance.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Model and data driven performance, availability and reliability optimization of IT infrastructures and cloud deployments.

Process Modeling & Optimization

Multi-aspect agile optimization combined with prediction methods for the flexible design of operational and manufacturing processes.

Verification & Validation of Critical Systems

We provide support for design of critical systems by means of systematic verification and validation to avoid unacceptable consequences of runtime and design faults.

Data analysis

The agile application of data analysis, "data science" and Big Data techniques in our consulting activities is one of our core strengths. We put a special emphasis on Exploratory Data Analysis: understanding large scale observations and discovering the underlying relationships.

About Quanopt Ltd.

Quanopt Ltd. is a Hungary based innovative spin-off company which focuses on research oriented development services. Quanopt was established by a team of experienced researchers. Quanopt offers a range of analysis services, from system modeling to advanced forecasting and optimization methods, based on a combination of exploratory analysis and formal methods. Quanopt researchers have experience in model-based system design and analysis in multiple fields (from critical embedded systems to large scale IT infrastructures, with application experience in banking, logistics, and several other domains).

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Recent Activities

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